Hairy Dieters

As I have followed the 5:2 method of intermittent fasting since last summer and managed to loose a nice amount of weight, the last month or so have been bad and I kind of fell of the wagon. Thanks to the hysterical funny and immense smart girls (and some boys) over at the online forum Fastday, I found this vastly usable and working cookbook

1387717800_911e928e8388950eff0058f0c572dca5 I did follow Si and Dave’s TV show a couple of years ago when they traveled around on their motor bikes cooking delicious foods, while it still ran here in Sweden.  Now I was blown away how much weight they lost AND that the recipes in this book truly works – they are so tasty. At times the recipes need a bit of tweaking, but the men in my family can’t “get” that the dinners they get is low cal. I have never ever used a cookbook as much as I have used this and I do have a nice little collection of them. Sunday evening I sit down and mark up four recipes (M-T), buy the ingredients in Monday and we are set. Today I made Chicken Jerk and this time I didn’t have to add one single pinch of any spice. bild-37 And one full package with boneless chicken tights (round 800gr) was polished of. Even though I served no sauce, just air fried (the Darth Vader machine) potatoes and wedges of lime. Simply great!!

Now I just wait for to get their thumb out of their xx and send me their first diet cookbook along with their new Asia one. End of the month they tell me they will be shipped and then the post will drag their ass-s for yet another week. 😦


You know when it comes to cooking, I do have my principles; pepper mill (no ready grounds here), real sea salt flakes, never use any light products (better to use tiny amount of the real thing), only use real cream and never e-v-e-r use margarine. For me that is something the devil have produced and I did grown up on real butter and “Bregott” (butter and rape seed oil), the only time my home ed teacher mom used margarine was in some baking. Have no clue why.

So it was to my immense satisfaction when I read in the morning paper that according to “Livsmedelsverket” (OMG, what can that be in English? Google say NFA :o) margarine can contain substances like gasoline, lye, bleachers and aceton. WHOT!!!!!! The representative for NFA say that if you use color, salt butter aromas and a whole lot of chemical processes you get margarine. But if you exchange that with white pigment and perfume, you get skin cream….

If margarine is bad for your health or not they are not sure, but some studies show that kids that has grown up on margarine are more prone to develop astma and allergy.

Reading this, do you in all honesty ever imagine to eat margarine again? Me I rather go without anything to spread on my sandwich than eating that horrifying stuff.

The above is translated from a column in Dagens Nyheter of today.

Mediterranean pasta

My youngest is full of surplices – on Monday when we where shopping for something to have for dinner he said “can’t we have pasta a la Med?” and I went ehhh??? Well he said, I couldn’t sleep last night so I watched

cooking flicks on youtube and found this. OK, we need mussels, small clams, scampi etc….So went through the store picking up what we needed, but we exchanged shrimp for scampi, they had no clams and now way in hell I will eat squid! We choose angel hair pasta instead of the usual spagetti. We tweaked the recipe in the video to suit us and it all tasted wonderful, not a single morsel was left.

What went in there?

1 net of mussels

4-5hg fresh shrimp, peeled

1/2 large leek

4 cloves of garlic

1/2 red chili

Cherry tomatoes, ca 1.5 dl

Bit of good olive oil.

Broth – 1-1.5lit of water + one vegetable “Fond du Chef” or cube

1/2 glass of white wine

1-2 dl cream

Salt, lots of black pepper, some raw suger, a dash or two of Tabasco Chipotl

1 package of angel hair pasta

Clean the mussels under cold water and throw away those who don’t close. Put them in a pan (no liquid needed) and cover with a lid. Put on medium heat and let them steam until they are opened. If there are any mussels that don’t open, throw them away. Cut the cherry tomatoes in smaller pieces, rinse and cut the leek thinly. Cut the chili thinly, do not remove the seeds since they add extra heat. Peel and cut the garlic very thinly. Poor some olive oil in a pan and fry the garlic, chili and leek until soft add the tomatoes – simmer on medium heat for a while. In a large pan bring the water to boil and add the Fond du Chef (or cube) and then add and cook the pasta two minutes shy on what the package say. Strain in a colander, add the wine, cream and 2-3 ladles of the pasta broth to the veggies. Season according to your own taste. Add the strained pasta and stir until blended. Add the peeled shrimp and steamed mussels (and whatever other seafood you might fancy) blend and serve right away. ENJOY


Why not a cook book too?

OK, this is the scoop – my paternal grandma worked in the cold kitchen and my mom was a home ed teacher, so cooking is something I do. And often well. OK, so my paternal granddad was head gardener at the exotic green house in the botanical garden of Uppsala, so I have my way with seeds and plants too 😉 But I don’t grow that much eating stuff, this year I have sown 8 kinds of tomatoes, 5 kind of cucumbers and 10 sorts of hot chilies as well as sweet pepper and cantaloupe melons. Reading this I think I just have to go and get some seeds for eggplants as well…..I don’t think there is anything tastier than the ones you grow yourself and while the kids was in daycare, they asked for cuces to take along as snacks:)

As I said, cooking is something that kind of defines me and people coming to dinner nowadays “expect” to be well fed. I do have a nice collection of cookbooks, my latest favs are some of Jamie Olivers and the Hairy Bikers Diet cookbook (the yellow one, is waiting for the first and the new Asian). I think The HBs top it all cause they give low cal recipes that tastes great. If you spice them up a bit that is. But IMHO that is the case with most cook books and food magazines – you (=I) simply have to add more spices. “I like it hot. Your kind of hot” – quote from Wild Hogs 😀

I don’t know how many years it is that have passed, but suddenly I dared to let go of professional peoples recipe and flied solo. There has been some bumpy rides every now and then, but most of the times it has been smooth. Not alway, but every so often, I have remembered to write down my compositions and with this blog, my intention is to share them with you.

So welcome to my kind of hot 😉