Holy chicken

Yesterday I decided to try the Darth Vader (Philips hot air fryer) for something else than potatoes and the thai fish cakes. So I did some reading and understood that I had to think it through myself . So I cut 4 skinless chicken breasts in 1-2cm strips, poured som panko (Japanese bread crumbs) in a bowl and seasoned it with paprika powder, barbecue seasoning, salt, freshly ground black pepper, Chili Explosion, round 1tbs olive oil and stored. Then in with the chickens trips and massaged the panic mixture on them evenly, Heated Darth to 200C and then in with the strips and freed for 7 minutes. And it turned out ver well, not one morsel was left after dinner. Made a dipping sauce out of equal parts of mayo and sour cream. Added Sweet Chili sauce, some Heinz chili sauce, tabasco, Red Tai Curry paste or Chipotle paste, salt, black pepper. Sadly no picture.

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