Monthly Archives: May 2014


Hairy Bikers/Dieters are having a competition – create your own lo cal recipe and if you win, it will be published in their upcoming book. Well, no problem there, I often cook as a go along. So I created a low cal version of my potato sallad and then I read the fine “print” – they only accept contestants within the UK. Buhuhu. I go hide in the corner and sulk, so much for my chance to fame….:(

Easy peasy Sunday lunch

Don’t know how I came up with them, but this is the very fav Sunday lunch for my boys bild-44Fried egg sandwiches . Take as many slices of toast as you want/need. Use a thin glass (or a round cookie cutter) and stance circles in the middle. Save the circles. Melt a nice knob of butter in  frying pan and put in the slices of bread as well as the left over circles. Crack an egg in the hole, and light pick the yolk, season with some sea salt flakes and BBQ seasoning. Fry until the egg look done and flip over the bread and fry a minute or so more. Presto – done!!

OBS, you have to use butter, otherwise you don’t get the right flavor.